Descendants of John Adey of Painswick

Second Generation

2. John Adey (John ) was born about 1660. He died about 1734.

A John Ady married Mary Weaver on 29th November 1700 in Dursley and a John Ady (rugger) married Margary Cartar on 29th august 1683 in Uley.

According to family records in 1713 John was an overseer for Stroud End tithing and held an estate called Winns which may have been near Washbrook in 1713.

In "A Cotteswold Manor being the History of Painswick", Welbore St. Clair Baddeley says that John sold Byfield House and other property in Bisley Street to Hester Knight in 1728 and that he (or possibly his father) rebuilt Herrings Farm, henceforth known as Adeys Farm (even to c 1800) which was sold to Charles Hyett, a Gloucester solicitor of Painswick in 1736 and from a non conformist family. Charles Hyett pulled down the farm and built the central portion of Painswick House, though older buildings remain on the north.

In 1856 William Henry Hyett purchase part of Ifold Farm from the Adey family. Later the Hyett family built the Rococo gardens on land adjoining Painswick House.

He had the following children:

+ 3 M i John Adey
+ 4 M ii Richard Adey
  5 M iii Samuel Adey was born in 1691/1692. He died in 1734.

According to family records an Ironmonger of Bristol

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