Descendants of John Adey of Painswick

Third Generation

3. John Adey (John , John ) was born in 1686 in Painswick. He died in 1758. He was buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick.

According to family tradition John was an overseer in 1744. In 1754 John and Judith appear before the Customary Court of the Manor concerning rent owed to them by Edward Palling (an Edward Palling of Brookhouse had died in 1751) for 5 acres arable at Edge, 3 acres pastures in bottom at Ifold, 3 1/2 acres arable in Church Bush at Ifold, 1 acre pasture called Rye at Edge (last to Thomas King).

He aided in the erection of Painswick Presbyterian (now Congregational) Church in 1703. John was granted administration of his brother Richards estate in 1739 and his occupation at that time is given as husbandman.

John is buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick. The inscription was almost completely unreadable in 2005 but his surname appears to be spelt either Ady or Adye.

John married Judith King on 26 Dec 1710 in Brookthorpe. Judith was born in 1692/1693 in Painswick. She died in 1785.

According to family records Judith was the last Adey to live regularly at Ifold.

John and Judith had the following children:

  6 F i Sarah Adey was born in 1712. She died in 1787.

A Sarah Ady married Thomas Smith on 17th August 1730 in Uley and a Sarah Ady married John Hillman in Painswick on 8th November 1761.
  7 M ii John Adey was born in 1713. He was christened on 5 Mar 1713. He was buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick.

Died young. According to the churchyard plan he is buried at St Marys Painswick but his tomb cannot be found.

Stroud Old Meeting House records show a funeral of a John Adey on 6th March 1713.
  8 F iii Mary Adey was born in 1716/1717.

A Mary Adey married Abraham Prichard on 19th October 1735 in Newington Bagpath.
+ 9 M iv Richard Adey
+ 10 M v Thomas Adey
  11 F vi Jane Adey died in 1748.
  12 F vii Elizabeth Adey was born in 1724/1725. She died in 1750.

Parish registers show an Elizabeth Adey daughter of John Adey married Edward Evance on 26th January 1760 in Uley.
+ 13 M viii Daniel Adey

4. Richard Adey (John , John ) was born in 1687/1692. He died in 1739.

According to family records Richard Adey "gent of Barton Street died in 1739. Richard Adey minister of Barton Street Presbyterian (afterwards Unitarian) Chapel also lived on Barton Street and died in 1739. Rev Richard Adey went to Sam Jones Academy (at Gloucester, then Tewkesbury) and was minister at Kingswood, nr Wotton from 1716 to 1729 and at Barton Street from 1729 to 1739. He was ordained in 1731. It is not known for sure if this is the same person or not.

Richard died intestate in 1739 and administration papers were granted to his brother John and William Rayer an Innholder of the City of Gloucester.

Richard married Ann Jennings on 11 Nov 1728 in Stinchcombe.

They had the following children:

+ 14 M i Richard Adey
  15 F ii Ann Adey was born in 1726/1727. She died in 1790.

An Anne Adey married William Edge on 17th June 1754 in Horsley.

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