Descendants of John Adey of Painswick

Fourth Generation

9. Richard Adey (John , John , John ) was born in 1718/1719. He died in 1776. He was buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick.

Richard is buried next to his father John & brother Daniel in St Mary's Churchyard Painswick. The inscription is completely unreadable. A grocer of Gloucester according to family records.

He had the following children:

+ 16 M i John Adey

10. Thomas Adey (John , John , John ).

According to the Poll Book for the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Gloucester in 1776 Thomas Adey occupied lands and tithe in Painswick owed by John Cook.

Parish records show that a Thomas Adey of Gloucester married Mary Ward of Rendcombe on 29th May 1749 in Rendcombe and a Thomas Adey married Deborah Clarke on 10th August 1787 in Painswick and a Thomas Adey married Ann Clifford in Painswick on 27th June 1798.

According to The Universal Directory of Great Britain 1791, Thomas Adey. gentleman, was one of the principal inhabitants of Gloucester and he was an attorney. It is not certain is this refers to our Thomas Adey.

He had the following children:

  17 M i Thomas Adey was born in 1740. He died in 1749.
  18 M ii James Adey was born in 1744.
+ 19 F iii Sarah Adey

13. Daniel Adey (John , John , John ) was born in 1730/1737. He died in 1803. He was buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Painswick.

According to his tombstone Daniel was a yeoman and he was born in 1731 but according to his marriage license he was born in 1737.

According to the Poll Book for the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Gloucester in 1776 Daniel Ady occupied tithes in Painswick owed by Thomas Frankis.

He held Cambridges & Bonds estates Stroud End from 1782 to 1798.

The Universal British Directory of 1791 shows Daniel Adey, Yeoman, as one of the principal inhabitants for Painswick.

According to family records in his later years Daniel lived at Greenhouse, near Bulls Cross.

According to his will Daniel was a Maltster, he left his property at Greenhouse in Painswick to his wife Margaret for the term of her natural life and then to his son John. His goods, chattles and personal estate he left to Thomas Stanley to hold in trust to invest and provide an income for his wife for her lifetime and then to be passed to his children. His son John was the sole executor of his will. The witnesses included Cornelius Winter, minister of the Congregational Chapel. Daniel was unable to sign his name and the will bears his mark and an impression on sealing wax.

Daniel married Margaret Clifford on 14 Oct 1762 in Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire. Margaret was born in 1737/1740. She died in 1821.

The Clifford family originated in Frampton-on-Severn immediately after the Norman conquest. In 1081 the manor was granted to Drogo fitz Ponz, grandson of Richard, Duke of Normandy. Drogos nephew Walter fitz Ponz took the name Clifford from his own lordship of Clifford in Herefordshire before his death in about 1190.

The 1623 Visitation of the Heralds to Gloucestershire includes a pedigree of the Clifford family which goes back to approximately the year 1250.

In 1684 John Clifford, a Puritan and Parliamentary supporter, died leaving no male children. The estates descended through the female line with husbands sometimes assuming the surname of Clifford. The 1873 register of landowners in the County of Gloucestershire shows that 6 people with the surname Clifford owned at total of approximately 2500 acres of land in the county.

Walter Clifford was one of the Domesday Commissioners responsible for collecting information for the Domesday Book.

Margaret came from Leonard Stanley. According to her tombstone she was born in 1738 but according to her marriage license she was born in 1740. She was the daughter of John and Jane Clifford.

The Bath Chronical & Weekly Gazette 25th January 1821 included a notice - Lately died sincerely regretted, ages 84, Mrs Adey, of Painswick, Gloucestershire.

Daniel and Margaret had the following children:

+ 20 M i John Adey
+ 21 M ii Daniel Adey
+ 22 F iii Winifred Adey
  23 M iv Thomas Adey was born in 1771. He died in 1839. He was buried in Hammersmith, London.

The 1801 census shows Thomas living in Turnham Green. The limited information on the census return is given below:

Number of families in house - 2
Number of males inc children but exc soldiers and sailors - 2
Number of females inc children - 2
Number chiefly employed in agriculture - 0
Number chiefly employed in trade, manufacture or handicrafts - 2
Number not so employed - 2

According to family tradition Thomas was a yeoman at marriage but by a least 1826 was a grocer and cheesemonger at Turnham Green, Middlesex so continuing until his death between July and September 1839.

In his will he requests that he be buried in Hammersmith Baptist Chapel, which is probably Hammersmith West End, Ravenscourt Road which was founded in 1793. He left all his goods, chattels, his business and the contents of his account at the Bank of England to his wife Sophia. The executors of his will were his wife and his good friend Robert Watson Gentleman of Hammersmith.
        Thomas married Sophia ?. Sophia was born in 1806.

The 1841 census of Chiswick HO107/689/2 Folio 6 page 6 Turnham Green shows the following Sophia Adey - 35 - Grocer - N Fanny King - 10 - N Thomas King - 15 - Grocer's Ap - Y Ebenezer Corbishley - 15 - Grocer's Ap - N Lucy Pratt - 60 - Ind - N (presumably this is Thomas's sister Lucy) Catharine do - 20 - Milliner - N Maria Bates - 15 - FS - N William King - 20 - Cl - Y Rebecca Butters - 55 - Ind - N
  24 F v Frances Adey was born in 1771/1772. She died in 1820.
  25 F vi Elizabeth Adey was born in 1774. She was christened on 11 Apr 1774 in Stroud Old Meeting House.

Parish records show that an Elizabeth Adey married William Fowles in Painswick on 21st July 1796.
+ 26 F vii Lucy Adey
  27 F viii Ann Adey was born in 1779/1780.

Ann married Richard Sewell a schoolmaster of Painswick in Painswick on 22nd June 1801 by licence.
        Ann married Richard Shewell on 22 Jun 1801 in Painswick.

Richard was a schoolmaster from Painswick.

14. Richard Adey (Richard , John , John ) died after 1776.

According to family records Richard was a staymaker of Barton Street and on 19th May 1773 he let the Windmill Piece in the Common Field and Windmill Field, St Mary de Lordes & St Michael on behalf of the Southgate Trustees. Southgate left Barton Street in 1731.

Richard married Ann ?. Ann was born in 1710/1711. She died in 1781.

They had the following children:

  28 F i Ann Adey was born in 1739/1740. She died on 11 Apr 1794 in Gloucester.

According to family records Ann lingered 54 years, had a religious education and was "a distinguished ornament" of Southgate.

The Beauties of the Envangelical Magazine Volume 1 includes the following obituary entitled Happy death of Miss Anne Adey.

Miss Anne Adey, of the city of Gloucester, after lingering through, fifty-four years, died on 11th April 1794. The effects of a religious education were apparent in her early piety, and desire of communion with God in all ordinances of the Gospel. She became a member of the Independent Church at Gloucester, May 1, 1767, of which she was a distinguished ornament. As a Christian she was a pattern of patience and humility to all. During the last nine years of her life, she was sorely afflicted with rheumatism. Besides which, the following circumstances attended her for some time previous to her dissolution: A locked jaw (so that her food was admitted only through an opening made by the loss of a tooth), an inability to help herself with either hand, an impossibility of moving a foot on the ground, and all combined with excessive pain. Let not the strong glory in their strength, but let him that glorieth glory in the Lord." Indeed a passage she often quoted was very applicable to her, Habakkuk, iii. 17, 18. Her language frequently was, "I wish not to murmur, I wish not to repine; he has been a good God to me," The choice of her funeral text, Joshua, xxiii. 14. was very charactistic of the temper of mind with which she bore her efflictions. Such was her attachment to the house and ordinances of God, that whenever the weather and her pains would permit she would be carried thither: And not long before her death she said, "It was a great mercy that when young she never wilfully staid away from the house of God." Those who slight divine appointments will one day want this peaceful reflection. She loved to talk of divine things, and to have visits closed with prayer: "Let us go, and do likewise." Death was disarmed of his terrors as he approached her, for her language was, "I am not afraid of dying, nor of being dead." She even longed for her discharge, and would often say, "When will my Father release me, and take me to himself?" Just before she died, on seeing her servant move, she said, "Do not rise, I want nothing, but a thankful heart." Feeling herself to grow weaker, her last words were, "Pray for me;" and then she fell asleep in Jesus.
+ 29 M ii John Adey
  30 F iii Katherine Adey was born in 1749. She was christened on 2 Aug 1749 in Southgate Street Congregational Church Gloucester.

A Catherine Ady married John King on 15th July 1772 in Painswick and a Catharine Adey married Malcolm Farlan of Churcham on 14th July 1791 in Painswick.

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