Descendants of John Adey of Painswick

Eighth Generation

101. Lucy Annie Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1864 in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. She died in 1941.

At the time of the 1881 Census Lucy was a board school teacher.

Lucy married Charles Ayres in 1885 in Brighton. Charles was born in 1860 in Brighton, Sussex.

The 1891 census shows the family living at 20 Upper Wellington Road, Brighton. Charles was a clerk working for Brighton Police.

The 1901 census shows the family living at 156 Waldegrave Road, Brighton. Charles was then chief clerk.

Charles and Lucy had the following children:

  142 F i Nellie V Ayres was born in 1886 in Brighton, Sussex.
  143 F ii Ethel L Ayres was born in 1887 in Brighton, Sussex.
  144 M iii Charles W Ayres was born in 1890 in Brighton, Sussex.
  145 F iv Gladys Ayres was born in 1893 in Brighton, Sussex.
  146 F v Violet Ayres was born in 1901 in Brighton, Sussex.

103. Edward Henry Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1869 in Tuisdale, Buckingham. He died in 1952.

Edward was a congregationalist, he was known as Teddy.

At the time of the 1871 census Edward was living with his family at 19 St Pauls Street, Brighton.

At the time of the 1881 census Edward was living at 8 Wakefield Road, Brighton, Sussex with his parents.

In 1883 Edward passed First Grade Model Drawing.

In 1886, aged 17 he attained a Second Class, Advanced Stage pass in an examination held be The Department of Science and Art. This was followed in 1887 by a Second Grade Art Examination in Geometry (the certificate is marked "Excellent") and in 1888 a First Class Second Grade in Perspective Drawing (again the certificate is marked "Excellent").

At the time of the 1891 census Edward was living at home with his parents. His occupation is given as surveyors assistant.

He qualified as a fellow of the Institute of Architects and Surveyors on 18th April 1896 whilst living at 5 Chapel Street, Berkhampstead and a 1897 trade directory shows him living in Chapel Street and his occupation is given as a district surveyor

In 1898 Berkhamstead Urban District Council was established and Edward was appointed as District Surveyor. In 1899 he was also appointed as Sanitary Inspector to both the Urban and Rural Councils.

According to a letter received by Frank Adey in 1977 there are many references to Edward in the Council minute books, he went thoroughly into costs and was statistically minded. References include a study into the average number of cartloads of water (for street watering) between 1894 and 1898 which revealed an average of 6,517 carts per year. On one occasion he rode with two councillors to test a new horse drawn ambulance and after enduring vibration and noise which made it difficult to hear each other speak he recommended the introduction of rubber tyres.

At the time of the 1901 census Edward was living at Adeyville, Great Berkhamsted with Alice and a 15 year old servant named Jennie Johnson. His occupation is given as "surveyor to local authorities".

According to Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire 1902 Edward worked for the Urban District Council and for Berkhamstead Rural District Council at Montague Road, Great Berkhamstead as an Sanitary Inspector and a Surveyor. He was also a canal boat inspector.

Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire 1908 gives the same information but his offices have moved to 177 High Street, Great Berkhamstead.

The 1911 census shows Edward Henry Adey (Town Surveyor), Alice Adey (wife) and Elizabeth Ellen Birde (general domestic servant) living at The Hawthorns, Montague Road, Berkhamsted.

A council meeting held on Wednesday 17th June 1914 is reported in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette 20th June 1914 (pages 4 and 5). The article reads as follows: "The proceedings at the Berkhamsptd Urban District Council meeting on Wednesday were described by the chairman and other members as "regrettable" and "deplorable", but we hardly think these terms sufficiently strong to condemn the action of certain councillors who apparently fail to appreciate that others besides themselves, are entitled to hold an opinion and express it. It is rather appropriate, by the way, that the storm should have arisen over the use by the Council of a material known as "breeze" pn the tarred roads of the town. It will be recalled that after the decision at the May meeting to continue its use, we suggested that the Council would have been better advised, in view of the large number of protests from ratepayers, if it had further considered the matter. Since then there have been developments, and the medical men of the town have been drawn into the controversy as the result of the Headmaster of Berkhamstead School's very natural anxiety on behalf of the health of the town. The doctors merely suggested a possible danger. Such a warning could not be ignored and The Public Health Committee did absolutely the right thing in recommending that further enquiry be made from the Medical Officer of Health for the district and that he be asked to obtain the opinion of the County Medical Officer and report to a special meeting, which the medical practitioners of the town were to be invited to attend. We do not see how any sensible and reasonable individual could object to such a recommendation, but councillors Burr and Dawson and the town surveyor appear to regard it as a vote of censure on them because they are in favour of the breeze, and they have handed in their resignations." It is known that Edwards resignation was accepted and the council appointed 35 year old John Hadfield as the new surveyor and sanitary inspector at a salary of £250 per year.

Further research has not found any recent information regarding "breeze" but Frank Adey left some notes that say sterilised sewage was used in road surfacing.

In 1914 or 1915 Edward Henry moved to St Braivels. The address would now be known as Fern Bank, Brockweir, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales NP16 7NW. At the turn of the 1900s this was in Hewelsfield, St Briavels, and is probably situated on the Brockweir to Hewelsfield Road at Mill Hill. At the time of the 1911 census Fern Bank was occupied by Walter Alfred Burrow (retired commercial traveller, born Suffolk) and his wife Ellen Mary Burrow (born Great Berkhamstead).

In 1915 on his sons birth certificate Edwards occupation is shown as "civil engineer".

He purchased Alvah, 76 The Marina, Deal, Kent in 1930 and land on the opposite side of the road in 1935. At the time of the 1911 census Alvah was occupied by Maud Elizabeth Cruickhants and Fanny Louise Cruickhants both born in Clapham, London.

He served as an independent councillor in Deal from 1935 to 1938, he was chairman of the Public Health Committee and according to family tradition he was elected Mayor but the Town was evacuated following the outbreak of war before he actually held office. During this time he was also a Guardian at the Workhouse in Eastry and he used to carve the turkey there every Christmas.

The 1946 Canterbury area telephone directory shows Edward living at Alvah, his telephone number was Deal 175.

During the second world war the family lived in Cowbridge, Glamorgan.

Edward married (1) Alice Gates in 1892 in Brighton, Sussex. Alice was born in 1869. She died in 1959.

Edward married (2) Amy Priscilla King in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Amy was born in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. She died in 1947 in Alvah, 76 The Marina, Deal, Kent.

The 1891 census shows an Amy C P King born c 1883 in Linslade, Buckinghamshire living in Wing Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. This may be the correct Amy King. The full census sheet reads as follows:

Head - Joseph Frost, aged 35, Engine driver, LNW Railway, born Broughton, Buckinghamshire
Wife - Elizabeth J Frost, aged 39, born Quorndon, Leicestershire
Niece - Amy C P King, aged 8, neice, born Linslade, Buckinghamshire
Mother in Law - Mary King, aged 77, Living on own means, born Oakham, Rutland

It cannot be certain that this is the correct Amy King, family tradition says that she was born in nearby Leighton Buzzard. There are birth records for an Amy Priscilla King in Leighton Buzzard in 1873 and a marriage record for an Amy Priscilla King in Leighton Buzzard in the 2nd quarter of 1891.

Edward and Amy had the following children:

+ 147 M i Edward Anthony Adey

105. Frank George Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1875 in Brighton, Sussex. He died in 1952.

At the time of the 1881 census Frank was living with his parents at 8 Wakefield Road, Brighton, Sussex.

At the time of the 1891 census Frank was still living at home with his parents, his occupation is given as teacher. For 20 years he was connected with the training of teachers first as resident tutor at Borough Road College, Isleworth and then under London County Council whose service he entered at the end of 1899 as a lecturer to pupil teachers.

At the time of the 1901 census Frank was a schoolmaster in Camberwell living as a boarder with John Henley, a 74 year old widower, and his daughters Rose and Edith at 27 Matham Grove, Camberwell.

The Post Office London Directories for 1904 and 1905 show Frank George Adey living at 78 Beauval Road, East Dulwich, Camberwell, in 1906 he moved to Ealing.

In 1911 he became a lecturer in education at the Islington Day Training College, at various times he held important posts as an examiner. 1914 brought anxieties to the staff of training colleges and Frank transferred to secondary education becoming a member of the staff of Sloane School, Chelsea where he remained until his retirement.

At the time of his retirement (due to ill health) he was living at Covelly Road, Ealing, his retirement was covered by his local paper. The article in the paper mentions Rev John, Rev Edward and Rev William Thomas and their achievements. The article also states that he had a BA.

Frank was treasurer of the Ealing Green Sunday School, treasurer of the Ealing Cripple Parlour and the Ealing branch of the Shaftesbury Society's Cripple Mission since their establishment in 1923.

He retired to 46 Hillsboro Road, Bognor Regis where he lived for 19 years despite being in poor health and he took a leading part in the Church and social life of the town. He supported the Boys Brigade and remained in touch with former members while they served in the forces during the war. He regularly wrote thoughtful and well penned letter to "The Post" which appeared under the pseudonym of "A lover of Bognor".

The Post included an obituary for him which states that be was an MA. His internment was preceded by a service at Bognor Regis Congregational Church.

Frank married Bertha Emma Elizabeth Down in 1902 in Brighton, Sussex. Bertha was born in 1875. She died in 1956.

They had the following children:

+ 148 M i Frank Cornelius Adey
+ 149 M ii Ralph Adey

106. Beatrice Maud Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born on 17 Aug 1877 in Brighton, Sussex. She died on 11 Aug 1962.

At the time of the 1891 census Beatrice was living at home with her parents. Her occupation is given as dressmakers apprentice. She liked to write poetry.

Beatrice married (1) William John Horton in 1895 in Brighton, Sussex. William was born in 1872. He died in 1938.

A Horton was amongst those who signed the death warrant of King Charles I.

William Horton was a dentist and a chemist.

William and Beatrice had the following children:

+ 150 F i Doris Mable Adey Horton
+ 151 M ii Victor John Adey Horton
  152 M iii Laurence Horton.

Died a hero in the 1920s floods.
  153 F iv Vera Horton.
  154 F v Mary Horton.

Beatrice married (2) Rev George Lansdown.

107. Florence Lilian Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1879 in Brighton, Sussex. She died in 1974.

At the time of the 1901 census Florence was living with her husband, William at 14 Edburton Avenue, Brighton with their 1 month old son Percy T Kempster, Williams father William (aged 74) born Weston Turville, Bucks, Retired Tobacconist, Williams mother Susannah (aged 65) born London and Florences sister Esther.

Florence married (1) William Percy Kempster in 1900 in Brighton, Sussex. William was born in 1876 in London.

At the time of the 1901 census William was living at 14 Edburton Avenue, Brighton. His occupation is given as Architect and Surveyors Assistant.

William and Florence had the following children:

  155 M i Percy Kempster was born in 1901.
  156 M ii Reginald Kempster was born in 1902. He died in 1973.

Florence married (2) William Goodyear.

They had the following children:

  157 M iii Fred Goodyear was born in 1905.

108. Mabel Rebbie Linnell Adey (John Daniel , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1884. She died in 1974.

At the time of the 1901 census Mabel was living at 22 Westbourne Villas, Brighton with her married sister Mary Elizabeth. No occupation is shown.

Mabel married Richard George Pierce in 1908. Richard was born in 1880. He died in 1974.

Richard was known to the family as George.

Richard and Mabel had the following children:

  158 M i Thomas Richard Harry Peirce was born in 1911. He died in Oct 1988.
  159 M ii Dennis Pierce was born in 1918. He died in 1944 in Burma.

109. Ellen Eliza Adey (William Thomas , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born on 31 Mar 1869 in Darlington, Durham. She died in 1945.

At the time of the 1891 census Ellen was living at home with her parents. Her occupation is given as school board teacher.

According to family tradition Ellen was the first woman teacher in the Western Australia goldfields in around 1900.

After her husbands death in 1907 she returned to England with her son Charles. She suffered with a bone crumbling disease but was scared of going to the Doctor's so she ended up with one leg shorter than the other.

Ellen married Albert James Wagner on 16 Dec 1895 in Albany, Australia. Albert was born on 26 Jan 1870. He died on 18 Oct 1907.

Albert was a solicitor or a barrister. He is believed to have committed suicide due to financial worries.

Albert and Ellen had the following children:

  160 M i Charles William Wagner was born on 17 Oct 1897 in Kalgoorie, Australia. He died in 1969 in Hillingdon, Middlesex.

In 2006 there were living descendants in England from this branch of the family.
  161 M ii Frank Ernest Wagner was born on 28 Mar 1905. He died on 15 Dec 1905 in Calgoorie, W Australia.

Frank is believed to have died from food poisoning.

111. William Stanley Adey (William Thomas , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born in 1872 in Leeds, Yorkshire. He died in 1962.

At the time of the 1891 census William was living at home with his parents. His occupation is given as railway clerk.

At the time of the 1901 census William was staying as a visitor at 16 Mattock Lane, Ealing. The home of George Taylor (aged 55) a "merchant in fancy jewellery and outfitters". Williams occupation is given as "commercial travelling".

An announcement of the birth of William Stanley's third son in The Times on Saturday 1st July 1922 gives his address as 19 Boileau Road, Ealing.

William married Grace Annie Kay.

They had the following children:

+ 162 M i Edward Stanley Adey
  163 M ii Peter William L Adey was born 13thSeptember 1918 in Ealing. He died on 5 May 1985 in Ealing Hospital.

Peter did not marry.

He was an electrical engineer and a member of the TA. As an epilectic he did not serve during the war.
  164 M iii John Wilson Adey was born on 29 Jun 1922 in 19 Boileau Road, Ealing. He died on 22 Jan 1942. He was buried in South Ealing Cemetery.

The Roll of Honour in The Times 25th February 1942 announced that John had been killed in action.

We do not know when he joined the RAF but John would probably have been stationed at either Swinderby or Skellingthorpe in Lincolnshire and would have flown a Hind or a Hampden. 50 squadron bombed a seaplane base at Hornum on the island of Sylt in March 1940, it then attacked many other targets including Berlin. In December 1940 it took part in the bombing of Mannheim and in December 1941 operating from a base in Northern Scotland it bombed a gun battery and dropped smoke bombs on the island of Vaagso (German occupied Norway) in preparation for the landing of troops.

On 22nd January 1942 he flew a Hampden I serial AT142 Code VN from RAF Skellingthorpe to Munster and crashed on his return at 22.20 at Exton 4 miles ENE of Oakham whilst attempting to land at RAF Cottesmore. The other crew members were 89609 Flying Officer (Pilot) David Brian Pearce, 942640 Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr) Francis Haydn Brooke and 932941 Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr) Archibald Donald Jory.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission shows that his service number was 934201, he was a Sergeant (pilot) in The Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve in 50 squadron which means we would have been a bomber pilot. He was 19 years old when he and his crew were killed in action and he is buried in Section C, Row H, Grave 6 of South Ealing Cemetery.

115. Percy Linnell Adey (William Thomas , Edward , Daniel , Daniel , John , John , John ) was born on 25 Feb 1879 in Scarborough, Yorkshire. He died on 19 Nov 1966 in Los Angeles USA.

At the time of the 1891 census Percy was at school at 9 Mabelthorpe Lodge, Christchurch. The school was run by Joseph Tuckwell (aged 40) from Exeter in Devon. Only 4 pupils are shown in the census.

There is no trace of Percy in the 1901 UK census probably because he was overseas at the time. It is known that he fought in the Boer War and was awarded medals.

Unconfirmed stories say that Percy was a renegade, a spy during World War 1 and a walking racer who travelled the world.

Australian immigration records show the a P L Adey aged 22 arrived in Victoria, Australia during May 1904 on board a ship named the Perthshire. This does not exactly match the age of Percy as he would have been about 24 years old in 1904.

On 24th May 1916 37 year old Percy cross the border from Vancouver, BC, Canada into the United States.

Percy was living at The Pacific Hotel, Boise, Ada County, Idaho at the time of the USA WW1 draft registration. His registration details list his occupation as herder working for Harvey & Weeks in Smiths Ferry, Boise. They also say that he was medium height, slender build with blue eyes and blonde hair. Harvey & Weeks may have raised cattle in Idaho and employed herders to drive the cattle down to Oklahoma & Texas where the slaughterhouses were.

According to information at Ellis Island he boarded the Santa Ana bound for New York from Peru, Chile and the Canal Zone having joined the crew originally on 27th December 1919 in New York but he deserted at Valparazio on 10th January 1920. His position on the Santa Ana reads PO Jessman which perhaps should read messman.

On 30th August 1920 Percy arrived in New York from Southampton on the Union Castle Mail Steamship Kinfauns Castle, he gave his occupation as journalist.

Between 1917 and 1927 the US District Court, New York processed Percy's application for naturalization.

On 3rd March 1921 he arrived in New York from Antwerp as a member of the crew of the Kroonland a Red Star Liner. At this time Percy aged 41 was 5ft 8in tall and weighed 164lbs. He had no distinguishing marks.

He married Victoria Johnson Lundquist a postmistress in Fallon, Kansas possibly because he thought she had money but in reality she was as poor as he was. Supposedly Percy was verbally and physically abusive to his wife and step daughters and he abandoned the family when his daughter was 6 months old. There were rumours that Percy moved to Australia when he left Victoria, these have not been confirmed but he may have stayed with his sister Ellen Eliza who went to Western Australia in around 1900.

It is rumoured that Percy was involved in some way in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.

USA Social Security Number 440-12-1810 was issued to Percy in Oklahoma before 1951 but it is not known when.

He died on 19th November 1966 in ZIP code 91744 area which is La Puenta, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Percy married Victoria Johnson Lundquist in Fallon, Kansas, USA. Victoria died in San Francisco, California, USA.

Victoria was a postmistress. The daughter and widow of Swedish immigrants.

When Victoria met Percy she had 2 daughters by her previous marriage, Myrl and Ion Lundquist. The daughters father was John Lundquist.

Victoria never remarried after Percy left, she moved to Los Angeles with her daughter Myrl then died in San Francisco aged 91.

Percy and Victoria had the following children:

  165 F i Joyce Shirley Adey was born on 31 Dec 1925 in Fallon, Kansas, USA. She died in 1998 in Berkeley, California, USA.

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